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WISEPACK ASSOCIATES initiated during the year 2003 with the simple objective of meeting end customers requirement wisely at the optimum possible cost.

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Strapping Consumables

Cord Strapping

Product Description

Cord Strapping is versatile consumables used in cargo lashing and automobile exports due to its reusable and rigidity property .

More Information about this Product

  • Wisepack supplies Cord strapping in width of 12mm, 15mm, 19mm, 25 mm,32mm and suitable buckles.
    Less expensive vs. steel strapping
    Safer to use, handle, and dispose
    Up to 4X lighter, easier to carry
    Clean, will not stain or rust
    Elastic memory keeps loads tight
    Non-abrasive, non-marring
    Requires one tool to tension
    Can be hand tied in some cases

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