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Adhesive Tapes


Product Description

Bitumen tape is with a self- Adhesive surface of the waterproofing, sealing material, divided into with base membrane and without base membrane. And one side with self- Adhesive layer and two sides with layers two kinds. The self- Adhesive layer has covered with release sheet. The material of release sheet also has a few kinds. All the self- Adhesive layers no need glue, just because the adhesive of itself, which is a caused by the modified bitumen.

More Information about this Product

  • Heavy duty butyl bitumen compound adhesive
    Excellent adhesion to pipe and self
    Flexibility provides extra protection at vulnerable areas
    Excellent conformability and consistent uniform thickness
    Easily applied with no special equipment
    Compatible with common pipe coatings
    Excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding
    Resistant to UV
    Can be applied over a wide temperature range

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